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                           HOW DO I....?


1. How do I become a member of the library ?

SSUS faculty, students, and staff are bona-fide members and no other formality is required. As soon as you get your ID Card, please visit the library for filling the membership forms .

2. What is “OPAC” ?

OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. This is a database of all books, reference books, e-books, theses, reports, patents, standards etc. available in the library. It enables speedy searching of a particular book, books on a given subject, and/or a book by an author.

3. How do I search books (in Catalogue (OPAC))?

                     ·         Go to library home page , click on the OPAC menu  and select  library catalog .Enter  the 

                         book you like to search .

·     You can  also click on “Advanced Search” just below  the search box.Enter  keyword to search   and you can also  search by selecting  Item type , Publication  date range, Language, Location and availability ,Sorting.

· In Authority search, you can search by entering  Authority type,Search options,Term(s),Where,Order by and click on submit .

                  ·         In Tag cloud  you can  assign the number of  tags to show.

4. How do I borrow books ?

                You can borrow  books by  providing  library ID card  and Readers Ticket.


5. What are the timings of library ?

·                                            ·  Circulation                                         7:45am to 7.00 pm

·                                           ·   Stack Room                                       7:30 am to 7.45 pm

·                                           ·   Reference & Journal                          7:30 am to 7.45 pm

·                                           ·    Magazines & News Papers               7:30 am to 7.45 pm

·                                           ·   Computer  Center                              10:00am to5:00 pm         

6. How do I renew books I have already borrowed ?

               Renew in the last date or before last date for another 14 days, if there is no any other reservation.

7. How many times a book can be Renewed ?

               A book can be renewed only once.

8. How many books can I borrow ?

·                                     ·   Degree                 :3

·                                    ·   PG                       :3

·                                    ·    M.Phil                 :4

·                                    ·   Ph.D                    :5

·                                    ·   Part Time Ph.D   :3

·                                    ·   Lecturers             :6

·                                    ·   Guest Lecturers   :3

                        ·   Non Teaching      :2

9. Is there a fine for last return (over-due) of books ?

       Yes, the fine is 50 paise per day.

10. How/Where do I pay Library dues ?

      You can pay library due in Cash Section.

11. How do I borrow the Reference books ?

      Reference books are issued only  for overnight Issues.

12. What am I required to do for a lost book ?

      Immediately inform the Library  Authorities.

13. What types of documents are kept in the Reference collection ?

     References collection mainly contains encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories,

     year books and some rare collection books.

14. Which bibliographic CD-ROM databases are available in the Library ?

           Vedic Literatures and Music CD.


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        Monday - Saturday

          08:00  a.m to 09.30 p.m

    Library will remain closed on

      Sundays & Public Holidays.