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  • All the personal belongings such as text books, notebooks, files, briefcases, umbrellas etc. should be kept at the property counter. However calculator and plain paper for note taking can be brought inside the library.
  • Strict silence should be observed within the library. The member must show his/her identity card when demanded by the library staff. Keep Mobile Phone in silent mode.
  • Writing or underlining in the books, periodicals, maps etc. is not allowed.
  • A student leaving the university before or after completing the course has to produce a Non liability certificate from the Librarian for getting any certificate from the university.Staff members also have to obtain Non liability certificate from the Librarian for relieving from the university, either on retirement or on long leave.
  • Photocopying of materials other than Theses/Dissertations available in the library is permitted. Xeroxing may be made without violating the copyright act.


  • Number of books allowed to various members:
    1. Graduate Students : 3 book
    2. Post Graduate Students : 3 books
    3. M.Phil : 4 books
    4. Ph.D : 5 books
    5. Teachers : 6 books
    6. Guest Faculty : 4 books
    7. Non teaching staff : 2 books
  • The period of loan will be 14 days including the day of issue for students and Non Teaching staffs. For Teaching staffs books are issued for a period of one month.
  • A book can be renewed for further one term, if the book is not being reserved by any one. Thus a student and Non Teaching can keep a book for a maximum of one month and a Teaching staff can keep for a maximum period of two months.
  • If a member wishes to keep the book after one renewal he/she has to present the book in the library and get it reissued (if available), after keeping the book in the Stack room for one week.
  • A fine of 50 paise per day will be levied from all the library members including Teaching and Non Teaching staffs, if a book is kept beyond the due date stamped.
  • A book which is temporarily on special demand may be lent for a shorter period than the prescribed period. The Librarian may at any time terminate loan / reduce the loan period as the time demands.
  • Reference Books are issued on for loan for overnight only.
  • Members are not allowed to sub-lend the books borrowed from the library.
  • The person in whose name a book/periodical is issued will be held responsible for the care of the same. He/She will have to bear the compensation for any damage or loss.
  • No book shall be issued which is not in good condition for safe handling. Condition of books will be decided by the Librarian.
  • Periodicals are regarded as reference books and are not issued normally.
  • Newly procured books are displayed on every Monday for a week. Books on display will not be issued on any account.
  • Books in display can be reserved by filling the reservation slip at the Circulation Counter. Reserved books are kept separately in the Circulation Counter for two days for each member. If the book is not collected, the reservation lapses after two days and the next person gets the chance.
  • In case of loss of borrower's tickets, the matter must be reported to the librarian. A duplicate ticket may be issued against the payment of Rs.100/- per ticket. Tickets will have to be returned to the Circulation-in-charge at the time of leaving the University. If a member fails to return the borrowers tickets at the time of leaving a fine of Rs. 100/- per ticket will be levied.
  • If a book / books borrowed from the Library is / are lost, the matter must be reported to the Librarian immediately. The member has to replace the same or later edition of the same book lost/ damaged within a week's time. If the replacement is not possible the following will be the procedure to recover the cost of the lost/damaged.
  • 1.For a foreign book: The cost of the book converted as per the current conversion rate of the foreign currency plus three times of the cost.
    2.For an Indian book: Printed price of the book plus three times of the price.



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